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We are a Christian men's podcast, leading you to your best version. We discuss Manhood, Masculinity, Purity, Discipleship, Fatherhood, Marriage, and being a Man.  

Dec 5, 2019

There is power in a man's words. It is so important that men use these words for building up. A man is made for greatness and his words convey greatness or a wimpy man who is just existing.  

In 2001, bestselling author and speaker Rick Johnson founded Better Dads, based on the urgent need to empower men to lead and serve in their families and communities. Rick’s books have expanded his work to include influencing the whole family, with life-changing insights for men and women on parenting, marriage, and personal growth. Inspiring and equipping through innovative multimedia presentations and seminars, Rick’s resources, methods and personal approach have been transforming the lives of men, women, and their families for over ten years.

Rick Johnson

Boots on the Ground:

Pick a Wednesday and track yourself for 24 hours and see how much time you have wasted on self indulgences. Evaluate that for yourself. As yourself, am I wasting my life on these things?

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