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We are a Christian men's podcast, leading you to your best version. We discuss Manhood, Masculinity, Purity, Discipleship, Fatherhood, Marriage, and being a Man.  

Dec 27, 2017

Join us as we reflect on the first 100 podcasts and share about the ones that really impacted us. Share with us your favorite podcasts and why.



Dec 21, 2017

David Anderson is not perfect. But, he does strive to love, lead, and nurture his wife and kids. I am sure you will be inspired. 


Dec 18, 2017

Tim has been married for 24 years and has 2 children. Tim is debt free and shares some of his secrets to his success on this episode! 

Dec 14, 2017

Most of my childhood was spent without a permanent father figure. I never learned how to work on my car. I never had the chance to roughhouse with my dad. I didn’t even learn how to throw a baseball correctly until I was a freshman in high school.

Looking back on it now, I wonder how my life would have been different...

Dec 11, 2017

Joe is a Youth Pastor, Camp speaker, Community Youth leader and has written three books. Joe started a publishing company in 2011 to help others get published (19 titles at present).
Joe's move from the West Coast to Michigan happened in Spring of 2013. He left family and friends and a great church in Salem, to take...